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Laser Removal of Skin Tags,Warts,Molluscum,moles ()
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Laser Removal of Skin Tags,Warts,Molluscum,moles


Electricity is used to heat the needle which is put on the Wart or other tissues that need to be removed.
It generally takes less than 30 minutes to remove few lesions. The area around the lesion is cleaned and then an anaesthetic (numbing medicine) is injected in the area. This is done to reduce the pain during the procedure.
The tissue is then touched by the electrocautery needle which destroys the tissue and chars it. The destroyed tissue is then removed and the resultant wound is dressed with a bandage.
Post procedure, the area should be kept clean and dry. Soap and water while bathing can be used to clean the area gently but should be dried immediately and an antiseptic cream should be used to protect the area.
Generally it takes 7-10 days for the area to heal. Complications are rare but can involve secondary infection of the area and rarely deep scars.



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